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Merger Integration and Optimization
We make sure you deal meets your expectation and we deliver results.

If you have any experience with M&As you’ll know that many of them do not live up to expectations. This is due in large part to the many risks associated with an M&A​​​. Combining the corporate cultures and processes of 2 organizations is not that simple. In order to properly integrate, there must be an objective approach. We add significant value to this integration process by ​​being the architect throughout the entire process. We have an established and proven methodology that will help with this change. ​Andrew Barnett and its team has a specialized and targeted resources and expertise to support multiple integration functions such as: IT, Operations, Human Resources, and more.

Our approach is more long-term than that of traditional consulting firms. We are looking at the life cycle of this integration/transition. Our Post-acquisition services can range from weeks to months later and help drive further continued performance. We will identify growth opportunities so you can have sustained growth.


M&A Valuations
Arriving at a reliable valuation you can trust, requires experience and collaboration.


It is not every day that you buy and sell a business. All that said, finding the right price to buy or sell is a challenge.

There is a lot of value in having knowledgeable, unbiased opinions from experienced professionals. For this reason, many private equity firms across several industries turn to Andrew Barnett for help.

We believe in collaboration so our clients will be actively involved in the process. We gather and analyze important data about the necessary aspects of the organization but also review and validate it carefully with the client so we can arrive at a common consensus.

Having an understanding of the right valuation will ultimately help you focus your attention on where it needs to be throughout the merger or acquisition.

Due Diligence by Andrew Barnett

Buyer’s remorse is a tough pill to swallow and more so when it involves selling a company. We use various objective due diligence methodologies which allows us to analyze as well as validate every aspect of the deal whether operational, financial, or other. During our investigation we may reveal risks and/or opportunities that could help our clients make a more informed decision.

During the due diligence phase we will: assess the financials, analyze/validate the assets and liabilities,​ evaluate working capital, assess and review purchase agreements, and much more.

The attention give to our clients by our personal consultants is truly unparalleled. We understand that every project may be a unique situation and this is a vital consideration to take into account.


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